Luc Gates - A Competitor, A Friend and An Inspiration.

On April 17th, 1996, the community of Enosburg Falls, Vermont lost a friend, a buddy, a competitor and a son and through the tears of loss emerged an inspiration to carry on the larger than life spirit that Luc Gates possessed.

As an athlete Luc could inspire teammates to victory with his endless desire to succeed. College and high school coaches would refer to him as “warrior” and “a leader”. While Luc’s fighting spirit would shine on the baseball diamond, basketball court and soccer field, it was his honor and sportsmanship that earned him the respect of his coaches, team and opponents.

Off the field, Luc was an amicable character that always had a joke at the ready, a helping hand to share and a big smile to comfort folks with. His drive to win on the field changed to a drive to help others off the field. His selfless actions for friends, family and his community is the inspiration of The Luc Gates Foundation.

In the classroom, Luc found that he had learning disabilities, but to Luc those disabilities were merely a challenge that needed to be conquered. He set his goals, worked hard, studied even harder and overcame each impediment.

In the final days of Luc’s life his true character would shine the brightest of all. As he courageously faced his battle with a brain tumor, Luc’s thoughts and concerns were for the well being of others.

Luc is missed everyday by so many, but his spirit carries on through the charitable activities of his memorial foundation.